“Over the course of these years, Keep Grapevine Beautiful has touched every entity within our community in a positive manner. Whether it is teaching school children how to recycle or growing fresh produce for the less fortunate or beautifying our lake parks and streets, they have made a huge difference.”

- Radonna Hessel -

Executive Director
Grapevine Chamber of Commerce

So Many Ways to Give Back!

As a nonprofit, KGVB relies on contributions from businesses and citizens alike to enable our work.  There are a variety of ways you can contribute:


KGVB is thankful to the many individuals and families who have supported our mission through monetary contributions, as well as donors who have graciously given and chosen to remain anonymous.

Doug & Laurie Evans
Joe & Peggy Moore
DFW Surf
Dave & Shari Orphey
Tim & Mary Jo Tellin
Mike & Carolyn Lease
Rich & Kathryn Reece
Paul Lindenberger
Shellye Schmorlietz
John & Karen McKergow
Mason Parker
Georjean Sherriff
The Hamilton Family
Marion Brekken
Socrates & Jana Villareal
Torrence Kelly Shores
Scott Taylor
Tracy Southers
Frank Reigleman
Duff ODell


Upcoming Events

February 4 - Volunteer Appreciation Event

February 21 - Sprinkler System Tune-Up

March 6 - KGVB Board Meeting