“In 2007, the city suffered from the ravages of a devastating flood...In the aftermath, Keep Grapevine Beautiful stepped up...This was the most cohesive, incredible grassroots project ever accomplished and one that will make our citizens proud to live in Grapevine and be part of this unique community.”

- William D. Tate-

Mayor of Grapevine

Water Quality & Conservation

Water ConservationWater is our most important natural resource and we cannot take it for granted. This is why Keep Grapevine Beautiful focuses on water quality -- to ensure our water supply is safe for drinking and bathing, fish and wildlife, and recreational activities -- and conservation to maintain adequate water supply during the summer months or drought conditions.

  • One of our most recent water quality initiatives was the placement of storm water drain markers throughout the city to make people aware of the dangers of runoff from chemicals such as lawn fertilizers, detergents and grass clippings. Keep Grapevine Beautiful also participates in The Texas Clean Rivers Program,  a partnership between the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and regional water authorities to coordinate and conduct water quality monitoring, assessment, and stakeholder participation to improve the quality of surface water within each river basin in Texas.
  • Each October, KGVB, in partnership with the Texas River Authority, hosts the 'Trash & Treasures Waterway Clean-Up'. This is an effort to improve the water quality in the Trinity River and is in conjunction with a much larger effort; the Trinity Trash Bash. Dozens of neighboring cities partner with KGVB in this effort.
  • KGVB also maintains a mobile waterway clean-up unit that houses a small fleet of jon boats and kayaks. This equipment was funded by TCEQ. The fleet is used on a continual basis for waterway clean-ups and can get to those hard to reach tributaries. A major sponsor, Marina's International, adds to the fleet additional jon boats and barges that greatly enhance each event.

Below are links for additional water quality and conservation information:

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Upcoming Events

February 4 - Volunteer Appreciation Event

February 21 - Sprinkler System Tune-Up

March 6 - KGVB Board Meeting