“In 2007, the city suffered from the ravages of a devastating flood...In the aftermath, Keep Grapevine Beautiful stepped up...This was the most cohesive, incredible grassroots project ever accomplished and one that will make our citizens proud to live in Grapevine and be part of this unique community.”

- William D. Tate-

Mayor of Grapevine

Core Programs

Core ProgramsSince its founding in 1992, Keep Grapevine Beautiful has become an award-winning organization and recognized leader in environmental stewardship. We work with city leaders, citizens, businesses and community organizations to accomplish our mission to preserve and enhance the natural environment.  With more than 2,000 dedicated volunteers, we are able to manage major community cleanups such as park and lakeshore litter collection, painting boat docks and buildings, planting flowers and trees, clearing invasive plant species, and numerous other projects. In August 2012, a major milestone was met when over a million dollars of volunteer time had been donated to the city of Grapevine. Our work is done through ongoing activities and special events via the following programs:

Sustainability Programs - Sustain the Vine

  • Activities to reduce the amount of natural resources consumed, non-recyclable waste produced and pollutants emitted
  • Air quality and transportation issues affecting the DFW area
  • Programs that are beneficial to the environment and to businesses as well as a business' bottom line
  • Sustain the Vine Scorecard to inform and educate
  • Click here for your Sustainability Questionnaire

Water Quality & Conservation 

  • Trash & Treasures Waterway Cleanup
  • Storm Drain Marking Program
  • Worldwide Water Monitoring Day
  • National Marinas Day

Litter Prevention & Cleanup

  • Don't Mess With Texas Trash Off
  • Annual Litter Index
  • Adopt a Road, Park or Shoreline ProgramCore Programs


  • Sustain the Vine Program with businesses
  • Outdoor Classrooms with GCISD
  • Earth Day Extravaganza
  • Annual Workshops, Expos and Trade Shows 


  • Best Landscape Awards for Homes, Businesses and HOAs
  • Scout Programs
  • Small Business and Corporate Team Building Outings


  • America Recycles Day 
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day
  • Post Holiday Tree Recycling

If you would like to VOLUNTEER, PARTNER OR DONATE to Keep Grapevine Beautiful, please contact us.


Upcoming Events

February 4 - Volunteer Appreciation Event

February 21 - Sprinkler System Tune-Up

March 6 - KGVB Board Meeting