“In 2007, the city suffered from the ravages of a devastating flood...In the aftermath, Keep Grapevine Beautiful stepped up...This was the most cohesive, incredible grassroots project ever accomplished and one that will make our citizens proud to live in Grapevine and be part of this unique community.”

- William D. Tate-

Mayor of Grapevine


Standing Rules


Keep Grapevine Beautiful
(Created October 2009)
Standing Rules


Purpose of the Annual Meeting

Goals to be attained during the annual meeting include but are not limited to:

  • Review progress of previous year
  • Updating of KGVB's mission and vision statement
  • Determine programs and events to undertake in the coming year
  • Develop strategies for programs and events
  • Develop funding strategy

General Duties of Officers

Officers of the KGVB Board of Directors should have the ability to:

  • Fulfill a full term of service
  • Have experience that is relevant to their position
  • Attend all meetings
  • Prepare reports prior to meetings, if necessary
  • Engage in thoughtful dialogue
  • Complete goals with limited assistance

Executive Director

The Executive Director of KGVB shall be the Parks & Recreation Director, or his designee, and shall perform the following duties:

  • Shall see that notice is given of all annual, regular, special and emergency meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Assemble and distribute all Board meeting agendas and appropriate notices
  • Oversee all Board financial transactions to assure that acceptable audit measures are maintained at all times
  • Assign necessary duties to appropriate City staff, as deemed necessary to assist the Board
  • Manage the volunteer database and make volunteers aware of upcoming projects and events
  • Advise the Board and committee chairs on issues of City policy, festival policy and operations, and other City management and/or City Council goals and objectives
  • Assist and support the Board and committee chairs in all endeavors consistent with the mission of KGVB
  • Specifically oversee the work of the education, marketing and finance committees
  • Attend the Keep Texas Beautiful Conference

President of the Board

The President shall preside at meetings of the Board of Directors and shall be a member of any committee. In the absence or disability of the President, duties shall be performed and powers may be exercised by the Vice-President, unless otherwise determined by the Board of Directors. The President's responsibilities include:

  • Present to Board pace, direction and organizational strengths
  • Present a yearly plan representative of all committees to the KGVB Board, including long range goals, yearly community activities, community communications and budgetary needs
  • Assign chair positions, duties, action steps and deadlines to the Board of Directors and committees
  • Specifically oversee the actions of the litter and recycling committee work
  • Specifically oversee specially appointed committees as the need arises
  • Confers with Executive Director prior to monthly meetings on agenda items and the intent of them
  • Start meetings on time and move swiftly through them
  • Represent organization at community functions
  • Support fund raising opportunities, and the submittals of grant or award recognition opportunities
  • Assist in recognizing volunteer efforts by selecting a volunteer per month and communicating the posting to the KGVB webmaster


The Vice-President shall coordinate all activities and perform such functions as may be designated by the President and shall assume duties in the absence or disability of the President. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Oversee the actions of the beautification and water committee work
  • Represent organization at community functions
  • Support fund raising opportunities and the submittals of grant or award recognition opportunities
  • Assist in recruiting volunteer talent by opening and managing a VolunteerMatch.org account


Specific responsibilities include:

  • Taking minutes, or designating someone to do such, at all scheduled meetings
  • Distribute meeting minutes two (2) days following meetings to the board of directors
  • Distribute meeting minutes to the KGVB webmaster


The Treasurer shall, with the PARD director or assistant director:

  • Report financial status at Board meetings
  • Have active control of and be responsible for all matters pertaining to the accounts and finances of KGVB
  • Comply with all financial reporting, expenditure and investment requirements of the City including purchases, contracts, sales invoices and audits
  • File all appropriate and required IRS documentation
  • Set up and monitor the PayPal account on the KGVB website

Committee Chairs

All committee chairs are required to:

  • Provide monthly reports on the committee's plans, activities and financial needs. Reports are to be emailed to the President and Executive Director for review 1 week in advance of meeting dates. Executive Director will distribute to all members
  • Coordinate and present a yearly plan for the committee to the KGVB Board, including long range goals, yearly community activities, community communications and budgetary needs
  • Support fund raising opportunities, and the submittals of grant or award recognition opportunities for Grapevine
  • Take minutes at all of their own committee meetings
  • Fulfill a 2 year term

Committees include -

Litter Committee:

The responsibility of the litter committee is to -

  • plan, organize, manage and execute 2 community wide clean up events per year
  • plan, organize, manage and execute post holiday clean ups to include New Year Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. Clean ups should occur within 1 week of the holiday
  • manage the Adopt an Area Program in conjunction with the Executive Director
  • bring to the Board of Directors litter prevention strategies for approval and implementation by the litter chairperson.

Beautification Committee:

The responsibility of the beautification committee is to -

  • survey the city in October and March each year and compile a list of potential beautification projects
  • meet with the Director of Lake Parks and Parks and discuss potential beautification projects
  • develop a master plan of projects for the year to include financial considerations, execution dates and alignment with PARD and CVB operations and plans
  • manage the confirmed projects
  • establish yard of the month. HOA of the month, xeriscape yard of the month, etc.

Recycling Committee:

The responsibility of the recycling committee is to -

  • research the then current solid waste provider contract
  • research then recommend recycling enhancements to city buildings
  • research then recommend recycling enhancements to park operations
  • follow up on recommendations made to city staff
  • procure grant opportunities relevant to recycling
  • communicate with GCISD GREEN Team¡¦s recycling coordinator
  • implement a school recycling contest „h design or participate in 2 annual recycling events either sponsored by KGVB or by the city¡¦s Environmental Services staff

Water Quality/Conservation Committee:

The responsibility of the water committee is to -

  • work with the KGVB Education Committee and the city to educate citizens on ways for the citizens to help improve water quality and to conserve water; education and communication will include that appropriate for students
  • assist the city of Grapevine's Environmental Services department with selected projects that are appropriate for citizen participation, to raise citizen awareness of the connection between watersheds and their storm drains
  • commit to support selected water quality or conservation projects appropriate for Grapevine through input from citizens or related organizations such as the Texas Watershed Stewardship Program

Education Committee:

The responsibility of the education committee is to -

  • attend the GCISD GREEN Team meetings
  • campaign for a youth member to the Board of Directors and mentor them
  • engage in Earth Day activities at school campuses
  • communicate with the GCISD schools to include district administration, principals, teachers and parents on the availability of the KGVB school grant program
  • co-develop programs and projects with the schools that support the teachings / needs of the particular campuses
  • support verbally and/or physically the requirements of the developed programs and projects
  • bring to the Board of Directors for approval other educational opportunities that serve the citizens of Grapevine and are not directed at youth
  • develop and execute approved educational programs for the non youth of Grapevine
  • proofread and edit award and grant applications

Marketing Committee:

The responsibilities of the marketing committee is to -

  • manage the website, the KGVB webmaster and affiliated hosting providers
  • coordinate with any chairs responsible for events 2 months in advance of events to ensure publicity needs are met
  • coordinate with the PARD Marketing Manager on all KGVB events
  • write copy for bi annual editions of the Playbook
  • design marketing pieces to include brochures, rack cards and other promotional pieces relevant to special events
  • attend community social networking groups such as Chamber, Rotary, Ambucs, Lions Club, Downtown Merchants Association, etc and promote the work of KGVB
  • proofread and edit grant and award applications
  • designate a committee member to manage fundraising efforts at restaurants
  • develop a landscaping company ¡¥seal of approval¡¦ program
  • develop a focus group exercise to gain information on what type of events Grapevine citizens would like to see executed by KGVB and what price they would pay for them
  • develop a sub committee that is responsibility to create history records of the events, programs and actions of KGVB by procuring pictures of events, clipping news articles and/or advertising pieces, brochures, etc. and compiling all artifacts into a scrapbook each year.

Finance Committee

The responsibility of the finance committee is to -

  • present Quarterly reports by committee to provide financial standing
  • draft an annual budget for consideration and adoption by the Board and City Council as part of the City¡¦s annual budget process
  • other financial information as requested by the Board of Directors