“In 2007, the city suffered from the ravages of a devastating flood...In the aftermath, Keep Grapevine Beautiful stepped up...This was the most cohesive, incredible grassroots project ever accomplished and one that will make our citizens proud to live in Grapevine and be part of this unique community.”

- William D. Tate-

Mayor of Grapevine

Our Mission

Keep Grapevine Beautiful is organized to preserve and enhance the local natural environment by strengthening citizen's levels of commitment through educational programs and engaging volunteer- based projects.

Grapevine, Texas is an award-winning community for many reasons, one of which is for its commitment to being an environmental steward through bi-annual waterway and park cleanups, recycling household and hazardous waste products, and beautifying the city's parks, streets and facilities. As a result, Grapevine has become a recognized leader in sustainability and beautification efforts on a local, state and national level. Click here to see our list of awards.

Originally established in 1992, Keep Grapevine Beautiful (KGVB) officially incorporated through the City of Grapevine Parks and Recreation Department in 2005 and is a 501c3 charitable corporation. KGVB is the local affiliate for the Keep America Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful programs.  It is led by a board of directors that includes officers, city liaisons and committee chairs. Program funding comes through the Parks & Recreation Department, donations and corporate sponsorships.

With more than 2,000 dedicated volunteers, we are able to manage major community cleanups such as park and lakeshore litter collection, painting boat docks and buildings, planting flowers and trees, clearing invasive plant species, and numerous other projects. Since 2007, more than a million dollars in volunteer time has been donated to the City of Grapevine. Talk about making an impact!

Click here to view our presentation.

Our work is done through ongoing activities and special events via the following committees:


  • Best Landscape Awards for Homes, Businesses and HOAs
  • Scout Programs
  • Small Business & Corporate Team Building Programs


  • Don't Mess With Texas Trash Off
  • Annual Litter Index
  • Adopt a Road, Park or Shoreline Program


  • America Recycles Day
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day
  • Post Holiday Tree Recycling Day


  • Sustain the Vine Program with businesses
  • Activities to reduce the amount of natural resources consumed, non-recyclable waste produced and pollutants emitted
  • Water quality and conservation activities

Youth Representatives 

  • Environmental education opportunities for youth
  • Outdoor Classrooms with GCISD


  • Website & Social Media
  • Advertising & Public Relations
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Community Relations

If you would like to VOLUNTEER, PARTNER OR DONATE to Keep Grapevine Beautiful, please contact us.


Upcoming Events

November 5 - Arbor Day Celebration

November 7 - Monthly Board Meeting

November 12 - Grapevine Recycles Day